Secure communications, reliable monitoring, and protected remote access are the foundation of a solid installation for government AV environments.

AV installations of government-related facilities include communication solutions related to the security and administration of a state. Areas of application include the media technology installations of the judiciary and military, such as training and meeting rooms, command centers, public control centers, courtrooms, up to IT infrastructures of a country.

Application areas of the government sector

  1. Command centers
  2. Control centers
  3. Emergency operations centers
  4. Military facilities
  5. Training and meeting rooms
  6. Courtrooms

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Current challenges in the industry

  • Secure communication
  • Complete networking of all communication systems
  • Sustainable operation of systems
  • Secure monitoring
  • Simple and protected management

Concrete problems that we fix for you

✔️ Green AV: sustainability in AV installation
✔️ Complete networking of all communication systems
✔️ AV service concepts for efficient maintenance and protection of government infrastructures

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