Digital Signage

High availability and low downtimes are what count here. Especially in digital signage in Out of Home (DOOH), reliable solutions for power control and monitoring are essential.

Digital signage describes media content in advertising and information systems, primarily to inform the viewer about something. This is implemented with electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, electronic displays, digital door signs, LED walls and image projections indoors or outdoors. Important application areas in digital signage are digital signage in retail, digital signage in tourism, digital signage in shopping malls and digital signage in out of home (DOOH).

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Current challenges and trends in the AV industry

  • Green Signage: Sustainability in Digital Signage
  • AV as a Service (AVaaS)
  • Holistic AV Monitoring
  • LED Video Walls
  • AV service concepts for efficient maintenance and servicing of decentralized digital signage installations

Concrete problems we fix for you in the area of digital signage

  • Non-functioning lecture halls and suspended devices
  • Frustrated students because the lecture hall doesn’t work as it should
  • High power consumption from AV equipment that is constantly running
  • Long waits and walks around campus to fix the non-functioning lecture hall
  • Problems on the part of the power supply and specifically a power surge

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Intelligent power control for digital signage

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