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Automatic transfer switch (ATS) for redundant power supply

Department: Network/Energy Management, IT Security, Managed Services, AV technology
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Köln, 01.12.2016

With the Expert Transfer Switch 8801-1, the Cologne-based IT manufacturer adds an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for redundant power supply to its portfolio

With the Expert Transfer Switch 8801-1, GUDE offers an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that creates an additional redundancy level within existing IT installations. Thanks to robust switching functionality, the device quickly switches to an alternative power source, either mains or UPS, in the event of a primary power supply failure. The ATS thus enables uninterrupted power supply to up to seven directly connected loads. A redundant power supply is also guaranteed in the event of a phase shift. In addition, manual switching at the push of a button, SNMP, Telnet or web interface allows maintenance work to be carried out on a supply line. In particular, this 19-inch unit provides data center operators with a cost-effective means of converting single-supply IT equipment into dual-supply applications. In addition to minimizing downtime, it can optimize energy efficiency, hardware and monitoring costs.

Furthermore, the Expert Transfer Switch 8801-1 supports the user in monitoring the network installation: In addition to two integrated energy meters, which record a variety of electrical variables, the network switch has residual current measurement as well as two connections for optionally available temperature/humidity sensors. Easy-to-read LED displays provide information about the switching status of the device as well as the measured energy and sensor values. In addition to energy measurement, real-time monitoring and premature overload and threshold alarms help prevent system critical conditions and downtime. Configuration and control are possible via preferred (security) protocols. IPv6, SSL, SNMPv3 and Telnet are supported.

At a glance
  • Automatic switchover to alternative power supply B in case of power supply A failure
  • Fast switchover even in case of phase shift
  • Automatic switchback possible when power supply A is restored
  • Switchover time in the event of phase unity:
    – with pushbutton: ≤ 7 ms
    – with automatic: ≤ 15 ms
  • Switchover time with phase offset:
    – with pushbutton: ≤ 10 ms
    – with automatic: ≤ 18 ms
  • Manual switching also via SNMP, Telnet or web interface
  • LED display to show the status of the power supply including indication of phase offset
  • Measurement of current, voltage, phase angle, power factor, frequency, active, apparent and reactive power
  • 2 energy counters, one counter counts permanently, the other counter is resettable
  • Residual current measurement
  • Easy to read LED display for indication of total current, IP address, sensor values and error messages
  • 2 connections for optional sensors for environmental monitoring (temperature and humidity)
  • Generation of messages via e-mail, syslog and SNMP traps depending on set thresholds of energy, temperature or humidity measurement
  • Firmware update possible during operation via Ethernet
  • IPv6-ready
  • HTTP/HTTPS, e-mail (SSL, STARTTLS), DHCP, Syslog
  • SNMPv1, v2c, v3 (Get/Traps)
  • TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
  • Configuration and control via Telnet
  • Low power consumption
  • Developed and produced in Germany
  • 2 mains connections IEC C20, max. 16 A
  • 6 load outputs IEC C13, max. 10 A
  • 1 load output IEC C19, max. 16 A
  • Network connection RJ45 (10/100 Mbit/s)
  • Galvanically isolated signal output (Sub-D 9-pin)
  • 2 sensor inputs (RJ45) for optional sensors


Application areas Data centers, corporate networks, other IT infrastructure
Mounting Mounting server/switch cabinet (19-inch rack, 1 RU)
Dimensions Sheet steel housing: Dimensions LxHxD: 43.9 x 4.4 x 19.5 cm (without mounting ears)
Availability Immediately through the manufacturer and distribution partners
Available accessories External sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure), 19 inch cable holder, IEC extension cable

About GUDE

GUDE has been a manufacturer of innovative AV and IT equipment for over 30 years. The family-owned company’s quality products enable the optimization and expansion of infrastructures such as those found in network, server and media cabinets. The product portfolio of the Cologne-based company includes power distribution units (PDU), LAN sensors and time servers. The solutions are developed and manufactured in Germany to meet customers’ quality requirements for reliable AV and IT infrastructure. The company’s mission: to delight customers and save time integrating products for AV and IT professionals.