Temperature/Humidity Sensor for GUDE units with RJ45 socket

Combined Temp., Humid. Sensor 7202 with RJ45 socket for reliable environment monitoring
  • Increased operational reliability through proactive temperature monitoring
  • Easy installation with plug-and-play
  • Monitor your installation environment in real time
  • Fewer failures due to early detection in case of overheating
  • Connection via RJ45 cable
  • Cable length up to 40 m
Massive time and cost savings through plug-and-play drivers from our technology partners
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Key Features
  • Can be used with all GUDE units with RJ45 sensor connection
  • Easy installation thanks to plug-and-play
  • Proactive monitoring in real time
  • Connection via RJ45 cable
  • Supports cable length up to 40 m
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The Hybrid Sensor 7202 contains a combined temperature and humidity sensor. Both parameters are measured and evaluated simultaneously. The hybrid sensor is fast and easily installed by connecting it with a RJ45 cable to the sensor’s RJ45 socket and the corresponding GUDE device. Thanks to plug-and-play the sensor is automatically identified with no further settings or installations needed. The cable can have a length of up to 40 m.

The temperature sensor allows real-time monitoring of environment temperature and humidity. Thanks to a cable length of 2.3 m, they can be placed at an ideal location in the installation. Overheating in the IT or AV environment that poses a threath to operation can be detected early, even before cost-intensive failures occur. Automatic notifications when configurable sensor thresholds are exceeded or deceeded allow the user to proactively intervene and prevent serious damage.

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